NTPC invites Various Packages at Solapur

National Thermal Power Corporation has invited bids for Main plant, CW, Offsite Civil Works and Chimney & Chimney Elevator Package for 2 x 660 MW Solapur Super Thermal Power Project at Solapur in Solapur district of Maharashtra. The scope of work includes

•           All under ground civil works including foundations for Boiler, ESP, Fans, Mills, TG, BFP, DG set, transformer yard including CW ducts in transformer yard area, auxiliary boiler, BA hopper, FAE Tower and other equipment/ structures in TG / boiler area;

•           All foundations, over ground civil, structural & architectural works for main plant building,Compressor house, Air washer building, ESP control buildings, Service building;

•           All foundations and only RCC floors of superstructure for mill & bunker buildings, transfer points, conveyor galleries and trestles of CHP in main plant area excluding structural steel and sheeting works;

•           Buildings and structures in offsite area like Administration building & auditorium, O&M workshop building, Permanent Store building, CHP office cum workshop building, Canteen building, Gate Complex, time office, Dozer Maintenance shed, Misc Switchgear buildings, Misc electrical buildings, Water system control building, Pipe/Cable support structures & foundations, trenches / pedestals / duct banks in main plant & outlying area, Fuel oil pressurizing pump house, Fuel oil unloading pump house, Hydrogen plant building, Earthing mat, paving in the main plant area, Hume Pipe crossing under rails/ roads, Storm water drains, Service water tank foundations, Service water pump house, Fire water storage tank foundation, Fire water pump house, Fire water booster pump house, Foam pump house, Fire station complex;

•           The works includes all civil, structural and architectural for CW system like CW pump house including maintenance bay, Forebay, Stoplog and trashrack, SACW pump house including maintenance bay, forebay, stoplog, trash rack, RCC/PCC encased mild steel CW ducts, fabrication & erection of all pipes of sizes equal and greater than 900mm diameter such as discharge piping from CW pumps, open channel from ID cooling Towers to CW Pump House forebay, Raw water pump house near reservoir including maintenance bay, sump/forebay/channel, switch gear & control room, Stoplog, and trashrack, All rail/road crossings of CW ducts and CW channel

•           All foundation, superstructure and architectural works for all buildings and facilities for CPU re-generation area;

•           All foundation, superstructure and architectural works for all buildings and facilities for Ash handling and Ash water re-circulation system including bottom ash slurry pump house; ash water pump house; transport air compressor house; HCSD pump house; EAC house, silo area complex including silo utility building, paving, area drainage, gates/fencing/boundary wall etc.; ash water re-circulation pump house complex including boundary wall, area drainage, paving, roads, gates, fencing, filling, slope protection etc; ash handling control rooms; HCSD switchgear and VFD control rooms etc.

•           Foundations for fly ash silos, HCSD silos, settling tank/surge tanks, bottom ash overflow tanks etc.; ash slurry trench; culverts for ash pipe corridor inside plant boundary and road & ash pipe corridor outside plant boundary.

•           Ash pipe pedestals and thrust blocks inside plant boundary, outside plant boundary up to ash dyke and garlanding pedestals on ash dyke including discharge points;

•           Roads/drain inside plant, Roads & drain outside plant boundary and up to final disposal point;

•           Construction of one no twin flue, 275 m high RCC Chimney with steel liner complete with all accessories including design, engineering, manufacture, supply and installation, testing and commissioning of chimney elevator.

•           Cement, structural steel & reinforcement steel required for incorporation into item rate works shall be issued free of cost by the owner.

Bid Reference No. CS-9571-315-9

Sale of Bid Upto 22-Sep-10

Bid Closing 14-Oct-10

Contact :

National Thermal Power Corp, O/o. Dy. General Manager (Contract Services-III) / Dy. Manager (Contract Services-III), 6th Floor, Engineering Complex, Plot A-8A, Sector-24, Noida -201301. Tel: 0120 – 3316658 / 3316676/ 2596658 / 2596676 / 96509923 Fax: 2410284 / 2410011 / 2410359 Email: rmehta@ntpceoc.co.in/ abhishek@ntpceoc.co.in

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